Saturday, October 27, 2012

If you will look to your left....

Still can't figure out why these photos are setting sideways, but this is the topiary Dee & I made for Suzi's Sweet 60 Party.  We covered it with different shades of pink tissue paper & ribbons and stuck candy on the top. The tissue paper started tearing from the weight of the candy and so we held it together with pink mesh. 

We took some of her favorite candies and taped them to sticks. Then took a vase and stuffed it with tissue paper. We added a piece of covered Styrofoam on the top & stuck the sticks in. Yummy! 

 This was a tree shaped cone. We covered it with pink duct tape for to strengthening. In hindsight, I should have used something gold. The idea of this was for a Ferraro Roche tree, but they are so expensive! I added mini Reece's peanut butter cups to fill in the rest.
 I really enjoyed making this. I looove my wrapped nuggets! Take Styrofoam disks & spacers and cover them with contact paper. Add the wrapped nuggets along the edge. The top row is wrapped with red inked nuggets, the middle blue, and the bottom pink. All the nuggets said Suzi's Sweet 60, except for the ones that say HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUZI! I should have lined the words up (DUH!), but I waited until I got to the resturant to set it up. Then I was totally distracted with all the preparations and setups. I put 2 wooden skewers through a spacer and then thru the largest disk, added the middle disk and another spacer, then added the top disk. Then I added the kisses. The little girl on top with the poodle skirt and hula hoop is Mona's. We had to dig a hole in the top disk to support her as she was on her tip toes!  TFL!!     

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